People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

– Steve Jobs

The Story

Are you a professional hairdresser who has seen or felt the stress that our profession puts on our body, shoulders and arms? After running my own salon for over 30 years, I decided that something must be done. I had seen too many passionate and talented colleagues leave our profession due to injury from strain.

For professional hairdressers, blow-drying can take 30 % of our work day and is key to the quality we deliver, the profit of our salons, and the salary we take home. Utilizing hair dryers available in the market was the most strenuous part of our work. That needed to change.

Dual Air was created to give professional hairdressers a radically better hair dryer. We set out to give you higher levels of precision and performance so you can deliver stunning results for your customers. This is done while enjoying a free, balanced and fun workflow with ease for your body.

We teamed up with world class engineers to re-imagine what a market-leading professional hair dryer should be. You can experience the highly innovative and internationally patented result with us. It is called Dual Air.

Our growing base of passionate users are embracing a Dual Air to enhance their craft. They tell us of customers who insist using Dual Air as it provides superior results. Many enjoy using Dual Air and have never been injured from strain. They love the performance it delivers. Others tell us with tears in their eyes how Dual Air enables them to keep working without worrying about injuries from strain. They can remain in our profession that they love.

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