Actual research show the impact of exposure to hairdressers in their daily business. 3 out of 4 hairdressers say that they suffer from pains in the arms and shoulders (read more: FAFO). Our goal at Dual Air is to improve hairdressers lives by giving them the best tool to blow dry hair in a continuous workflow with minimal strain to their bodies.

As hair drying accounts for around 30% of working hours for women’s hairdresser and about 20% for men (read more: Chen 2010), the non-dominant hand – the one holding the hair dryer – is the one most likely to suffer from strain. Dual Air has innovated a completely new and ergonomic design with a two directional airflow to combat strain.

This allows you work in a comfortable position with low shoulders at all times, because less work with the elbow raised above shoulder height reduces the risk of inflamed tendons by 20% (read more: Work related shoulder disorder).

The Norwegian Department of Occupational Health Surveillance (read more: STAMI) published a report on whether Dual Air reduces shoulder strain compared with traditional dryers. The study shows that:

  • using Dual Air more than halves the time spent with the arm in high-strain positions.
  • using Dual Air was also shown to reduce activity in the mantle muscle.

arm position with traditional hair dryers

arm position with Dual Air hair dryer

The study also demonstrated the importance of simple training in how to use Dual Air (see our videos: How to use Dual Air). When holding Dual Air incorrectly,

users don’t experience or achieve the benefits of our new design. Dual Air customers have provided feedback that since they have switched to our product and used it over the past 1-2 years, their health issues related to shoulder strain have disappeared.

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