By blow drying from both sides of the section, the hair will dry double as fast and be better dried. Using the shaped mouthpieces, you can go all the way close to the scalp and steer the air along the hair to blow it in the direction you want and correct the hair whorls.

It is important to hold the hair dryer in a balanced grip and let the air flow work into the direction of the cuticle. Use big movements, this is better for your body and for the customer’s hair, and it looks even more professional. When you want to add volume to a hairstyle, first blow the hair against the direction of growth, but in the direction of the cuticle. If you don’t want a voluminous hairstyle, blow dry it with the direction of growth. Imagine the shape and direction of the hairstyle all the way from the beginning, when drying out the water of the hair.

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