Vinnere av Dual Dry 2022

Jeg er både glad og stolt over alle bidragene som har vært med i vår Dual Dry konkurranse. Ut fra de mottatte arbeidene tør jeg påstå at Dual Air har høynet nivået på føning i Norge. Frisørene kan glede seg til å få dere som nye kollega i salongene. Fortsett å føne, der ligger det [...]

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Substantial difference to your body as a hairdresser

New research from SINTEF confirms that Dual Air makes a substantial difference to your body as a hairstylist. The project is funded by DistriktsForsk Trøndelag. The working position Dual Air provides can significantly reduce strain and pressure in the user’s shoulders, arms, neck and wrist. You can read the entire report here. The research was [...]

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10 tips to avoid strain injuries due to incorrect working position

Start in right body-position: Stand with equal weight on both legs Maintain S-Curve of spine Keep neck aligned Keep hand in same plane as forearm Continue your professional blow-dry work: Lower the grip on the brush, place your thumb under the handle Push upwards instead of pulling, using your natural strength Always choose tools that [...]

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The ergonomic differences by Dual Air

Tired of the strain in your shoulder, dreading the blow dry customer? Is it your blow dryer that bothers you? Do you held your hair dryer in a firm grip using muscles in your hands and arms? Do your hair dryer force your arm out to the side before you lift it to blow dry? [...]

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Meet an expert in waves blow drying technique.

Blowdrying waves is not so hard, you need to understand the S shape. It is all about the technique, by using your comb and the airflow to set the direction in your waves. Enjoy video with Oddbjørn J. A. Jakobsen blowdrying beautiful waves. Do you like to see the full video log in to [...]

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How to maintain your Dual Air

Clean filter effects your hair drying result: If the filter of the hair dryer is blocked with dust or hair, the hair dryer will reach a much higher temperature than it is designed for. This is because the heating elements glow at a specific level, when less air enters the fan due to the blocked [...]

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