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Meet Our Clients

Are you excited to listen to some of our testimonials? Here they tell about their experiences with Dual Air. But be prepared… you might need a tissue to dry your tears. […]

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From experts to experts

Have you heard about the salt and pepper shaker movement? A funny movement you can observe many professional hair dressers with is the salt and pepper shaker movement. We have seen it in many salons and have asked hair dressers why they use their salon hair dryer like a salt and pepper shaker. Most of [...]

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What do scientists say about Dual Air?

Actual research show the impact of exposure to hairdressers in their daily business. 3 out of 4 hairdressers say that they suffer from pains in the arms and shoulders (read more: FAFO). Our goal at Dual Air is to improve hairdressers lives by giving them the best tool to blow dry hair in a [...]

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Welcome, professionals!

Welcome professionals! Wow, this has been an exciting time for us. We are proudly launching our new website and with it our brand new blog as well. It’s the first time for us, but like many other things all of us do for the first time, it’s just all about getting started. This is what [...]

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